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Welcome to Mar3D

Here on my website you can find a presentation and some examples of what you can do with 3D software.
Great possibilities to create modern digital art, design and illustrations. A new way to explore and express your ideas, dreams, fantasy...
But NOT only create flat 2D illustrations as the end-result is what you can get with 3D software.

You can sculpt and custom sculpt digital characters to give live to them, to give it a personality.
It is a good way to bring fantasy to life.
For me it is also a new way to create illustrations almost without limits.
You can use your 3D Characters to pose them as if they were a real life model and put them in the right position in front of the virtual camera on your screen.
As light- and camera options work about the same as in a realistic photostudio.

I love to create my own characters and give them very different ages.
All digital characters you see in my GALLERY on these pages are created by me: Women, Girls, Boys, Teens, Children, Aliens... I love to use them all to pose and render.
Just place a character in a virtual scene to your liking, with landscape and props for example and start to RENDER! 


You like to see my video presentation?

An introduction of my own character-creations


If you are more interested in my 3D Characters for use in 3D software and to create your own artwork? Then please take a look at the 3D products in the catalog at or the marketplace on Renderosity website:

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